The band THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC mainly consists of members Jon Matte (vocals, piano, trumpet), Martin Desrosby (bass), Kevin Warren (drum/vocals), Ken Pressé (guitar) and ‘a few more from time to time’. The guys are quite the big deal in their homeland Canada and now plan to take over the rest of the planet.

Playing into our heart with tracks off their album This Is How I Let You Down, THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC could be compared musically with the likes of THE FRAY, BEN HOWARD, BOY or OF MONSTER AND MEN. Although this may seem a lot to be likened with, there is this magical element that has all the musical components from those bands all at once. Maybe it’s the blend of soft guitar strumming, the use of a trumpet, their happy-go-lucky indie folk tunes and lyrics that so plainly expose the mindset of Jon Matte that make this band truly get under your skin.

How would you describe your music to our readers in one sentence?

A blend of indie folk, pop and rock one might call it, however it’s just feelings based on the human existence, feelings that most people can relate to.

Which 5 tracks should start a mixtape to perfectly capture your musical influences?

ALT J – Matilda

THE EAGLES – Peaceful Easy Feeling

ELTON JOHN – Benny and the Jets

FEIST – Ain’t No Limit To Your Love


Describe your earliest musical memory.

Playing a piano concert in a blue suit at the age of round 6 or 7 and stealing the show!

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?

I’d rather have a dragon.

If your music would score a movie what sort of movie would that be? What actors can you imagine playing in it?

Probably an adventure movie – very much make believe and dreamy. And Forest Whitaker as lead I’d hope.

If this whole musician thing won’t workout – what would be your alternative dream job?

Please don’t ask me that!

Tell us a mostly unknown artist we should definitely check out.

John Jacob Magistery a friend of ours from Montreal…

The music industry is changing quite heavily these days. What’s the best and what’s the worst part of these changes, in your eyes?

Well record sales are tough and there’s a lot of free streaming going down, but live shows are still the best for me and the most fun. They’re probably the best source of income next to TV syncs and publishing. The good thing with the internet is that bands may not make tons of cash but can start building a story on their own without needing a big record company to get them in people’s playlists. There are plenty examples but here I have to think of MILKY CHANCE who told me their story at a festival in Toronto and how they released a track and then started getting calls to play festivals all around the world.

Unleash your inner Burt Bacharach and complete the following sentence… “What the world needs now is…”

A good old fashion hug.

What role play ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ in your life?

Hope is a scary thing I try to not chase it too much, I’m more of a person who believes in working towards something and watching your work manifest into reality. But ah, passion is my drug – kind of hard to escape it.