JackGarratt_FutureReleaseCredits-UniversalMusicWinter is here. No getting around it. But maybe that’s why it’s nice to escape a little with some JACK GARRATT. The English singer is one the big newcomers of 2015, having toured with BEN HOWARD past autumn and now on the road with MUMFORD AND SONS. The multi-instrumentalist that performs alone on stage, just equipped with keyboard, electric guitar and electronic drum pad and impressive voice, plus a humorous personality to boot, makes all his live performances something you won’t forget quickly. Although JACK GARRATT has taken his time to release his debut album Phase – which is due to drop in February 2016 – he still has a repertoire of songs to keep us occupied.

One if which is his song Breathe Life.  With its breezy, summer vibes, the song will transport you back to the season of bare feet, tanned bodies and the sun tickling your face. The song reminds a little of JAMES BLAKEs’ work but with a happier twist. Best just close your eyes, take a listen and be prepared to dance off the winter.