JACKSON SCOTT is a songwriter from North Carolina who describes his music as ‘apocalypse pop’ and lived up to that billing on his spaced-out 2013 debut Melbourne. He’s now making a comeback with new album Sunshine Redux, and Pacify is the opening single from that record. Pacify sees Scott marking out his territory as an even more debased MAC DEMARCO. It’s a song comprised of waves of guitar fuzz and Scott’s nihilist drawl.

But what sets the track apart from the million other scuzzy slacker guitar tracks in existence is its slightly unhinged structure. It never quite settles into any kind of comfortable shape, but instead hops and whirls between styles. It starts off fairly conventionally, before jumping restlessly between various levels of guitar spikiness and finally collapsing into a lolloping outro, keeping the listener tuned in and on edge. Sunshine Redux is out in April.