jane badler - 2013

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to premiere singer/songwriter, actress and cult figure JANE BADLER brand new video for her stirring, brooding, single Nursery Rhyme. Intended to be what she refers to as an ‘art project’ in the lead up to her next official album release, slated for early 2014, Nursery Rhyme is an intoxicating slice of neo-gothic balladry, with JANE BADLER’s sultry and powerful vocals really coming to the fore.

Nursery Rhyme was written by JANE BADLER, working alongside Australian composer, pianist and producer Paul Grabowsky, and with direction from Wilk, JANE BADLER and her band present a musical exploration of seduction, raw emotion and danger that so often compliments a life lived in seediness and multiplicity.

“Nursery Rhyme” is about Fantasy and betrayal. It is about the choices we make when we are deeply hurt by another. The abandoned house the metaphor for a place that was filled with laughter and love now empty and abandoned. The nursery rhyme in the song is the metaphor for loss of innocence.