Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Welt ohne Werbung

Germany’s legendary grindcore band JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE is back. The band just announced that their reunion album Welt ohne Werbung will be released in March. Sadly there is now new song released so far, but at least the cover artwork, made by artist Hektar Fischrot. It shows an individualized brain-dead white monkey, tons of electronial waste and a drone, that stands for surveillance. Pretty clear what all these things have to do with advertisement (“Werbung”), right? Are you ready for the world without advertisement (“Welt ohne Werbung”)?

Below you can watch the video to JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE‘s song Verrat am Metal, taken from the 2007 album Rauchen und Yoga.