photo by François Chesnais

Photo by François Chesnais

Last week, GRANDADDY and JASON LYTLE fans in France were treated to two very special shows which were the result of his  collaboration with the YOUNG RAPTURE CHOIR, a choir founded by Patrice Cleyrat, music professor and indie rock fan.  Watch the video to hear Jason playing a symphonic version of So You’ll Aim Toward the Sky, (video is from a June performance) off GRANDADDY‘s second album, The Sophtware Slump.  Patrice Cleyrat uses a variety of musicians to bring his students to music, everything from THE DOORS, to NEIL YOUNG, to, well, GRANDADDY.

A band that had it’s heyday in the early 2000s, Modesto, California based GRANDADDY never quite made it enough to quit their day jobs, and quit making their spacey-and-synth tinged rock songs in 2004, only to reunite in 2012 for a few sold out reunion shows. JASON LYTLE has kept up a successful solo career, and Cleyrat approached him about allowing his students to arrange some of his old songs. Moved by the idea that these young kids knew his songs by heart, JASON LYTLE joined the class in June 2012 to play with them, and ended up singing up for two performances, one in Bordeaux and one in Paris.  And you thought you were impressed when that marching band visited your high school.