Jeff Beadle - Where Did We Get Lost

Last week, we exclusively premiered the music video of How Calmly, the first single taken off JEFF BEADLE‘s forthcoming album Where Did We Get Lost. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is thrilled to present you the entire album for you to stream in its whole beauty.

The new release holds 9 songs of honest emotionality and intense magnitude, with the Canadian folk singer-songwriter’s haunting voice being the pivotal element of every song. BEADLE’s humble and profound songwriting is going to captivate you from the very first listen on, promised! Every single track tells its very own story, be it a desperate call for love as in The One, a pondering canto as in the beautiful Where Did We Get Lost, or vivid sceneries created by 1st Of July.

If it’s joyful entertainment that you’re looking for, then JEFF BEADLE‘s soulful music won’t give you satisfaction. A strong empathy for people’s situations and losses being the motivation for his songwriting, however, Where Did We Get Lost, can be described as a release of fears, tragedies and heartbreaks translated into tender melodies and powerful lyrics. Accompanying the new release (out on February 6 via Butterfly Collectors), JEFF BEADLE will be extensively touring Europe, supporting the US band SPAIN on half a dozen occasions. Find the dates below.

Jeff Beadle on tour

01.02.2015 – Schaffhausen (CH) – El Bertin Glacè
02.02.2015 – Freiburg (DE) – Cafe Atlantik
03.02.2015 – Duisburg (DE) – Steinbruch
04.02.2015 – Haldern (DE) – Haldern Pop Bar
05.02.2015 – Düsseldorf (DE) – Brause
06.02.2015 – Leipzig (DE) – Noch Besser Leben
07.02.2015 – Jena (DE) – Int. Zentrum
08.02.2015 – Lochwitz (DE) – Weidengrund
09.02.2015 – Münster (DE) – Pension Schmidt
10.02.2015 – Cologne (DE) – Die Wohngemeinschaft
12.02.2015 – Dortmund (DE) – Subrosa
19.02.2015 – Bern (CH), Wartsaal
20.02.2015 – Nuremberg (DE) – Künstlerhaus (Supporting ‘Spain’)
21.02.2015 – Schorndorf (DE) – Manufaktur (Supporting ‘Spain’)
22.02.2015 – Vienna (AT) – Chelsea (Supporting ‘Spain’)
23.02.2015 – Reutlingen (DE) – Franz K
24.02.2015 – Würzburg (DE) – Wunschlos Glücklich
25.02.2015 – Chemnitz (DE) – Emmas Onkel
26.02.2015 – Mönchengladbach (DE) – Kulturküche
27.02.2015 – Aachen (DE) – Raststätte
01.03.2015 – Vienna (AT) – Cafe Benno
02.03.2015 – Graz (AT) – Scherbe