Jenana - PressWords don’t come easy. But sometimes they are the only thing that matter. No, we’re not talking about F.R. DAVID’s legendary 80s track. We talk about fancy and straight forward rock music from the North of Germany. Four-piece band JENANA just released their first album One Word: Words – four years after their final show. Well, that’s an interesting promo concept.

Indeed, the Hamburg group met ten years ago and released a couple of singles and EP’s between 2004 and 2009, including a split single with ME SUCCEEDS. And now, a few years later JENANA decided to finally compile their eclectic mix of indie-rock, alternative and post-rock into one album which also includes one new tune. An idea that leaves it up to the listener if this marks the final end of the group or just a new beginning. It’s also up to you. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives away the powerful tune Trust as an exclusive free download. May the word spread around the world.