jens-ulrik kleemeyer

As a resident in Aarhus, the Danish talent JENS-ULRIK KLEEMEYER is not at all a new phenomenon in this town. Besides riding solo he’s also a member of the band GREEN LIVES. A band currently working on their long awaited album. As solo artist he earlier released an EP which can best be described as a “Less is More” piece of art. Simple and melancholic pop music, which actually wasn’t expected if you already knew GREEN LIVES. However, the simple less-is-more way of writing songs really fit the young dane really well.

The impression created by the EP also continues on his new song Water Song which is released hand in hand with a different and thoughtful video. With the help of upcoming danish photographer Cecilie Smetana Baudier, they’ve managed to create a video which match the visuals perfect with the soul and earthiness of Jens-Ulrik’s music in a perfect harmony.

The darkness of the visuals suits exceptionally with the midnight hour, when you actually ought to sleep, but can’t get yourself to put your life on ‘hold’. Exactly the fact that the visuals and the music fits perfectly with the late night hours in a dark room, is the reason why JENS-ULRIK KLEEMEYER and his Water Song is Sound Of The Night on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION!