Ji Nilsson - Photo by Adrian Wigerdal

Photo by Adrian Wigerdal

Stockholm singer JI NILSSON’s Facebook page lists her genre as ‘RnB PoP Emo Disney’, and she has the bright blue hair to prove it. JI NILSSON came to attention last year with three digi-pop singles, I’m Her, Heartbreakfree and Encore (which was accompanied by a clubby remix from producers BOEOES KAELSTIGEN). The songs combined R’n’B rhythms and beats with NILSSON’s open-wound lyricism, and now she’s back with her first single of 2015, Perfume.

Perfume shares stylistic traits with those three singles, combining airy synth-pop with an infatuation-as-fragrance lyrical theme. The song shows off the artist’s songwriting ability, as clever little melodies and vocal tricks pop up everywhere, lending the song a weird kind of unpredictable catchiness, as four or five hooks jostle to insert themselves into your brain simultaneously. And of course, putting out a song at this time of year with lines like ‘it feels like summer in here, May, June and July’ shows she’s got her release timing absolutely spot on. There’s still no sign of a JI NILSSON album, but Perfume is out now on Best Fit Recordings.