Photo by Bastian Fischer

Photo by Bastian Fischer

As a regular visitor of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you should be aware of the current journey of British songwriter JIM KROFT. Together with photographer Bastian Fischer he’s currently walking the refugee trail in Eastern Europe, getting face to face with the people on the Greek/Macedonian border. He regularly writes pieces about his experiences for us but also via his Facebook profile.

Now, JIM KROFT gave an extended update about a special musical fund raising project and we’d like to give you the heads up about what it is about.

  • He’s planning to record a 48 hour album on the 2-3rd of April. The idea is to write 10 songs. Then to record, mix and master the result all within 48 hours. The songs will be released one song per day for 10 days from the 4th of April. All money raised towards the fund raiser. The main session will happen at Blackbird Music in Berlin while a second session will happen simultaneously in London at Urchin Studios because there is obviously ‘too much to do.’ The whole session will be streamed live on Periscope by Amrit from NowHumanity who has worked extensively within this crisis.
  • JIM KROFT needs your help when you’re a musician who’d likes to be part of this. If you are interested to play, be the mixer or mastering engineer please write him directly. It’s helpful if you got quite some studio experience as the recordings have to happen quite quick.
  • The entire Fund Raising Page is now live right here. The aim is 15,000 euros and pretty much every cent helps here. If you want to help in any capacity or to contribute something creatively or otherwise please write to me Jim directly with as CC as he’s obviously not online all the time.
  • Last but not least. There’s going to be a special fundraising gig at Berlin’s Bi Nuu on April the 8th. Find all details about it right here. Tickets will be launched via the crowdfunding page. You can also buy the special 48hrs album in advance right here. The goal is to try to raise the money by selling cool stuff. 100% of money go towards the fund raiser (except the money needed to press the album itself).

As always, we can only encourage you to contribute in any form to make this happen. Thank you for making this world a better place.