Jim Kroft - Beautiful Ways

If you’re a devoted reader of our little magazine we probably won’t have to introduce you to JIM KROFT anymore. For everyone else: We highly recommend to take a look at the epic Journeys-project that the beloved songwriter started a few months ago and that’ll continue for a whole lot more. He’s been kind enough to give us a regular updates on how he’s been and what he experienced, you can check out all of them right here.

As it is also part of JIM KROFT‘s project to not only gather photographic and musical input from all over the world, but also to create a series of films about it, we are glad to present another little piece of that to you today. His new video for the song Beautiful Ways captures the magic of JIM KROFT‘s music, its culture spanning potential and some insights on how we have to visualize the Journeys he’s been on in China recently. You can check out the clip now, exclusively here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Furthermore, please feel invited to a special evening with the man JIM KROFT himself that’ll take place on June 27, at the IL Kino here in Berlin. There’ll be lots of more travel log partying there, head over here for further informations.