jon kennedy - by Arttu Kokkonen


jon kennedy - corporeal


1. Boom Clack
2. Funk Boutique
3. Rock The Beat (Feat. ASHLEY SLATER)
4. Flow
5. Tonto Rides The Gain
6. Electronic Sound Pictures
7. Pronounce Your Shit (Feat. QNC)
8. Live My Life
9. Blue Light
10. Air Force One (Feat. Andre Espeut)
11. Your Are The Fire (Feat. AMIE J)
12. Bossa No Va
13. Some Strange Folk
14. Shine So
15. The Parade

Sit back, relax and open your ears. JON KENNEDY is back. After six LPs, remixes for more than 25 artists from AIM, BONOBO, QUANTIC, BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, 70’s psychedelic legends PIPLOKTO and the rework of the soundtrack of classic cult film ‘Withnail & I’, he continues to be even more prolific as ever. JON KENNEDY toured the globe as a DJ and Live Band outfit, and reached audiences in China, Japan, The Middle East, Malaysia, Russia and USA.

After an absence of about 3 years, JON KENNEDY now returns with his new full-length album Corporeal (out June 24th via Jon Kennedy Federation), which means To have a body. With many countries visited and various life experiences under his belt, he revisits the studio, this time implementing all of his production expertise. Wanting to expand on his past creative output, JON lays down his own vocal stylings on a number of the new album tracks, showcasing his creative versatility and well-rounded rhythmical and vocal abilities.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION premieres Live My Life, the first track from JON KENNEDY‘s upcoming album Corporaal, which features collaborations with ASHLEY SLATER, AMIE J, and members of NICO & FILA BRAZILIA.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Live My Life by JON KENNEDY: