Julia Holter - Feel You - video


Back in 2013 we declared her one of the most outstanding songwriters of the year, now the princess of art pop is back: JULIA HOLTER will release a new record called Have You In My Wilderness via Domino Records on September 25th. And obviously the follow-up to 2013’s magic Loud City Song will present a different kind of JULIA HOLTER. Less lyrical references to ancient Greek, more personal songwriting. The album’s first hearable song and video for Feel You can be taken as evidence for that.

Why Should I Watch This?

It’s an adorable, homevideo like clip featuring the artist herself and a cute little dog. In a strange way, it makes us jealous of both: The dog for having JULIA HOLTER at his side and JULIA HOLTER for having such a good partner to spend a day with. Anyways. The song itself is a really nice and tender ballad that still captures the little magic extra that makes HOLTER‘s music so captivating.

Anything Else?

Not only will JULIA HOLTER release the ten new songs of Keep You In My Wilderness soon, she will also return for an extensive tour through Europe from late October on. We’ll keep you updated on that and meanwhile let the new song Feel You speak for itself.