KATE TEMPEST - Trans Musicales 2014 - Photo by Nicolas Joubard

KAE TEMPEST – Trans Musicales 2014 – Photo by Nicolas Joubard

Europe is lost. That’s a statement. KAE TEMPEST sure isn’t here to beat around the bush. The English spoken word artist is known to be very honest and straight up in their works – something that the world needs more of. We at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION were already blown away by this amazing person when we saw them perform at the Trans Musical Festival last year.

Kae’s latest release got the classic KAE TEMPEST touch. Meaning it will literally touch your soul and really make you think. Europe is Lost tells the tale of our dregs of society – how we live from excess and weekends of nights out but refuse to wake up and get informed about what is really going on in politics or even the refugee crisis. It might not be the happiest of songs but it’s darn honest and although the artist ends her story with ‘here in the land where nobody gives a fuck’ it’s clear that she does and we should too.

Listen to the track, later have a look at the lyrics – and then share KAE TEMPEST‘s work. Because this society could really do with a reality check.