Kalipo - You

Before producing music under the moniker of KALIPO Jakob Häglsperger produced acts like MARCUS WIEBUSCH, IRA ATARI, PANDORAS BOX, FUCK ART LET’S DANCE. Of course he’s also known as member of the German electro punk outfit FRITTENBUDE for which he produced three albums. As KALIPO he goes into a different and less wild musical direction, blending lush house rhythms with trance inducing techno beats. With synthesizers, micro samples and acoustic instruments, Häglsperger intuitively builds melancholic yet driving arcs of suspense which are best to be enjoyed on a hazy Sunday afternoon at home on your couch and will also increase your endorphins on a Saturday night. In his energetic live sets, the renowned producer makes use of his extensive array of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

On September 12th KALIPO‘s debut album Yaruto will be released via Antime Records. NBHAP now streams You and gives you the opportunity to grab a free download of the track. Enjoy!