KEDS event Berlin 2014

Last Monday, the popular brand, KEDS, invited NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, at Panatom Gallery Berlin, to introduce us to the new collection for fall 2014. A girls-only event. Playful, yet classy. The perfect way to start the week.

KEDS event Berlin 2014 12

Bright room full of girls. We were trying shoes in a chit-chatty fashionable mood whilst enjoying amazing catering service from Mulax. Also, we were lucky to have (the super patient) Anna, from Nailinger, painting our nails to match with the shoes we picked! On top of that, super cute, colorful macarons, from Macrönchen Manufaktur and drinks for all the little ladies! Something to make you think that you have just entered the Girls Paradise Land and that there is absolutely no reason to make your way out of it.

But enough with the cheesy reminiscences. Let’s talk about shoes.

KEDS event Berlin 2014 10

As the campaign declares, ‘an old friend returns’. The old friend might surprise you, though. Of course, you can always find the classic white pair of KEDS (a pair of KEDS champion = a passepartout for all women casual outfits). These autumn, though, the brand decided to spice things up a little bit. Pretty, pretty sure that almost every girl can find what it suits to her personality. Lace elements, leather, flat forms, metallic colours, florals. It seems that the designing group took really good care of the small details. Comfy feel, nice and stylish patterns, beautiful laces, that make sneakers look high class. 
After all, who said that being comfortable means looking messy? 

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