Photo by Peter Gehrke

Photo by Peter Gehrke

After an impressive career over 26 years, Sweden’s most successful band, KENT, decided to part ways in the next months. The band will release one final album called Då Som Nu För Alltid on May 20 and a yet untitled Greatest Hits record later in 2016. They are also heading on one final tour this fall and you can find the full list of dates on the band’s official homepage, including a farewell statement in Swedish. We did our best to translate it for you right here.

We have always tried to go our own way.
Thanks to all of you who cared about our music. Thanks to all of you who came to our concerts, from the first chaotic gigs at small venues during the nineties to the big arenas.
You have made it possible for us to do this.
We are infinitely thankful for your support, patience and love.

To play in this band has been the greatest, most fun and most challenging thing any of us have done in our lives. It has always been about challenges, goosebumps and trying to have as much fun as possible along the way. This time, we wanted to think about what would happen if we decided this would be the last time. What kind of feelings would that bring up?

Because everything is about the feeling

We are very satisfied that this feels like the right time.
This is not the end because we’re unhappy together or because we do not want to continue as a band. This is a farewell because even the best of parties have to come to an end at some point. We are looking forward to meeting you all so much, one last time on our tour this autumn.

It’s going to be fucking amazing.
Moreover, everyone always thought that we were going to break up before every record.
So it was just as good to do it this way.

We are a family.
And for it is for this family that we do everything.
We will always be Kent
Then as now, forever.

KENT released 11 studio albums in the past 21 years and were recently inducted to the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame. With countless hit singles and records they can be easily described as one of the country’s most successful groups of all time which also had a huge following all over the world. The band has shared an epic gloomy teaser for the album (packed with plenty of ferences to their previous artworks) as well as the first single from Då Som Nu För Alltid called Egoist. You can find them both below.