Kiko King & creativemaze - 2014

Photo by Vitali Gelwich

Right for the start of this weekend, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you one more exclusive. Have a listen to the full EP of newcomer KIKO KING & CREATIVEMAZE.

The attentive audience may have recognized this mysterious duo through the appearance of their song Illusions of Time in the US tv series House of Lies. Now they come up with a new seven song EP that brings more original material and one remix.

With a sound that combines the intelligent rhythm and beat constructing of classic trip hop with a special and quite soulful voice, KIKO KING & CREATIVEMAZE locate their sound directly in the here and now. Deep basses and waving synthesizers make this piece also quite fitting for a club. At the end of the month they will support Icelandic all-rounders GUS GUS on their tour to hit a bigger audience in Europe and the USA.

Listen now exclusively to the stream of their new Intellect Illuminated EP and get lost in dreamy soundscapes and tight beats.

This stream is no longer available.