King TVYou might remember that we got a bit melancholic after the recent LIBERTINES reunion show in Berlin as we sentimentally wished for more rough guitar bands in the style of Doherty and Co. Of course they are still out somewhere and a new generation is on the rise to relive the dirty lo-fi spirit of the golden days and breath some fresh air into rock music.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to present you a promising new four-piece from the heart of London that wants to make a difference. Meet Louis, Rob, Joe and Ryan aka KING TV. They label themselves as ‘Idiot Kids’ but their music is full of fire and adolescent anger. Stop Your Crying, the track we’re premiering today, is just one example of that.

The song will be released as part of the American Sole EP by British indie-label Plastic Fish Records on October the 27h, featuring eight up and coming indie acts from the United States, the UK and Europe. KING TV are one of them as they deliver sharp guitar riffs, psychedelic melodies and a certain glam-rock factor. Stream Stop Your Crying right here.