Shock Machine

It’s been very quiet around the former members of indie pop sensation KLAXONS, following the band’s split back in late 2014. Now, one third of the group, James Righton, returns with his solo project called SHOCK MACHINE. A first EP called Open Up The Sky is out now via Marathon Artists and you can stream it in full over at Dazed Digital where Righton also explains what led to the band’s split following 2014’s Love Frequency album:

‘Even though the last album didn’t do as well as we wanted it to, we were still touring bigger gigs than ever, especially in Europe. We could have carried on, but it was far more exciting for me – and at the same time, scarier – to actually just pull the cord. I could see myself becoming quite angry and bitter, looking back and going, ‘Why didn’t I do that?’ I’d rather take a risk for it and fail.’

For Righton SHOCK MACHINE is all about falling back in love with music itself and you might also here it in the first material. Enjoy the title-track right here.