Kotomi - Photo by Kathy Wolford Harner

Photo by Kathy Wolford Harner

Californian Lauren Hillman, operating under the moniker KOTOMI, has been around for a while now, popping up as a vocalist for acts like GERMANY GERMANY and RYAN HEMSWORTH. Her main attention is focussed on her solo endeavours however, including an EP last year entitled Over Our Heads. Her latest project involves releasing a single on the first Tuesday of every month, and now she’s released the latest of these, Swimming.

Swimming is straightforward woozy twilight music, a summer dance track perfect for when the dusk starts rolling in. The verse is built around hazy synths and Hillman’s tense, delicate vocals before the chorus subtly shifts mood and sends the whole thing soaring off into space. The song has vague echoes of WARPAINT’s supple groove, re-engineered and put through an electronic, synth-pop filter. You can download Swimming from KOTOMI’s Soundcloud page below.