Kristia Paptista - Modern Girlhood


Sometimes, it can feel like any hope for societal change is being strangled by viral culture. Instead of actually getting out there and, y’know, doing something, people tend instead to watch a five-minute video, usually called something like ‘OMG How Inspiring’, revel in the narcotic feel-good factor. Meanwhile, the UK Conservatives shred human rights and Greece is hit with the harshest austerity in modern European history.

Why Should I Watch This?

KRISTA PAPISTA, it’s fair to say, is an exception to this trend. She complains about different standards for male and females (‘I think it’s very unfair that if I take my top off in certain states of America I’ll get arrested and if a boy does he doesn’t’), so for the video for her shame-busting track Modern Girlhood (which we brought you back in April) opens with her taking action, in this case taking her protest and sprinting down the street with it in East London. There are essentially two points on the agenda in this video. One is to proclaim that all body types and people are different but equally valid, deal with it. Two is to demolish the media-sponsored idea of female nudity as docile, and to replace it with a more aggressive, unapologetic, ’you-might-just-get-your-nose-broken-if-you-leer’ attitude.

Anything Else?

KRISTA PAPISTA is currently working on two tracks and videos to be released later in the summer, and you can check out her previous work on Soundcloud.