La - Petite_Rouge

Photo by Felix Bouché

Days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and the sky is turning grey – winter’s slowly simmering. Just the perfect time for LA PETITE ROUGE’s timid and blurred organic music, floating somewhere between electronica and folk.

The German newcomer started making music with acoustic songs but quickly changed into a more electronic direction-although she doesn’t like any genre classifications as she’s also into jazz music. With only eighteen years, she sings, produces and mixes all her material on her own – something most musicians can’t say from themselves.

Another quite interesting fact about this lady is the one that most of her songs are created in only one single day, just like NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSIONS ‘Sound of The Night’ for today: her melancholic piece Gun. Listen to four hypnotizing minutes of discreet but beautiful electronics mixed with LA PETITE ROUGE‘s mature voice right here.