LADY LOW from the City of Angels show us what happens, if a threesome is performed properly: It’s more than just a sexy fantasy. And when THE VIBRATORS released Baby Baby in 1977, it wasn’t just a perfect hymn for every drunk and lovefool punk to chant along. What Jimmy Sweet, Samy Jo and Danie Espinoza demonstrate with their cover of the song right here, is it’s potential as genre bending blueprint for what seems to go by the name of ‘Romance Rock’ from now on.

Baby Baby is blown up and slowed down for the big screen. It starts on twangy guitars and saccharine vocal interplay, before huge walls of strings burn the film set down and there’s nothing else to do than just watch the fireworks. LADY LOW will release their first single, the Jon Moon produced Baby Baby, on November 20th. Listen to the premiere of the song on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.