Lake People - Photo by Francesco Delzo Del Zotto

Photo by Francesco Delzo Del Zotto

Acclaimed one-man electronic project LAKE PEOPLE is about to release its debut album. Purposely Uncertain Field is the name of the first full-length record by the alter ego from Leipzig-based producer Martin Enke and it will be released on February the 6th via acclaimed Munich-based label Permanent Vacation, featuring eleven original productions by Enke.

The press release describes the first LAKE PEOPLE longplayer to contain ‘a certain mid-’90s electronica vibe and ambient-like soundscapes,’ resulting in quite a ‘cinematic’ sound. Looks like the album follows previous LAKE PEOPLE releases which, in the past years, provided a regular mixture of ambitious electronic landscapes and floor-filling beats. We’re still waiting for a first track from it but enjoy one of Enke’s previous releases on Permanent Vacation right here.