Lavinia - Take ShelterIn 2010 Philip Jamieson, known as the guitarist of the instrumental postrock ensemble CASPIAN, has founded the band LAVINIA which also includes two members of the US-American alternative rock group EKSI EKSO, vocalist and guitarist Nate Shumaker and drummer Alex Mihm, and the bassist John Helmig, a former member of the metall band EVERDOWN.

After their debut in 2010 with There Is Light Between Us, LAVINIA now report back with the release of their EP Take Shelter, out now via The Mylene Sheath. Listen to the two tracks Halo and New Blood down below.

About the lyrics of Halo Nate Shumaker reports: „I had shelved the words because at the time I thought them to be too dramatic, but as the song took shape, I felt like they worked in the sense that they conveyed the emotion of seeing someone disintegrate emotionally, while knowing at the same time it is happening to your own self. [It conveys] a sense of a personal struggle to be well and to overcome the emotional demons that you just aren’t able to without help. I hope that makes sense to someone else out there.”