It’s Monday and that itself seems hard enough so we better take it a bit slower this time. Here to comfort us with a heart-wrenching piece of electronic pop is British two-piece LEIIK. Vocalist Amy Spencer and producer Avi Barath aka BUNKI deliver an extreme smooth and eclectic piece of spheric synthpop with their latest single Hiding. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the world premiere of the accompanying music video today. The clip itself supports the spirit of the song as Co-director Adam Vopicka also explains:

‘In this instance, it was about the atmosphere. I worked with some guidelines and directions, but at the same time it was very instinctive and we wanted to keep it that way. I just completely immersed myself in the music, put my headphones on and tried to create a visual experience that would enhance the musical one.’

Hiding is taken off the freshly released LEIIK debut EP which is out now via label Squareglass.

Concept by Barbora Mrazkova, Philipp Arnold and Leiik
DOP: Barbora Mrazkova
Post Production: Adam Vopicka
Set Design: Andrea Katonova