Not that long ago we compiled a list of contemporary post punk bands that we think transfer the dark, chilly and subtly aggressive sound of this subgenre best at the moment. It was a bold move to also put a little project from Stuttgart on that list, next to bands like SAVAGES and PREOCCUPATIONS. But today we present you another reason to finally fall for LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY. Off his debut album GA PS, which will arrive this Friday, we premiere today the video for the outstanding track Cotton.

And there’s every little piece of LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY in it that we love: Minimalism, a little weirdness, a great hook, and a voice that crawls into your head immediately. And it’s about love as the band explains:

‘When the pain of a breakup plugs you ears. It will make you deaf to the hue and cry of the world, because you are not attuned with these things any more. Coupled with some melody you cannot escape from it makes you wanna feel it again and again. Sad but beautiful. The album GA PS is a romantic distopia. Emotional Pop music. Nostalgic. Modern. Meditative.’

The artificial character LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY delicately places himself somewhere between BOWIE, post punk and krautrock. Always home in the GA PS between them. There are no more feelings left proclaims the title, yet we still have a strong feeling that this little gem might accompany you for a while. Get ready for Cotton and LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY‘s debut album GA PS, out this Friday.