photo courtesy of Light Entertainment

photo courtesy of Light Entertainment

Who is it?

LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT, a four-piece band based in Sydney, New South Wales. Keeping a relatively low profile on social media, the band seem to deliberately drape themselves in obscurity as the few information known about them include a list of past collaborators and an eclectic selection of influences naming CAN, DAVID BOWIE, and CHARLES MINGUS, among others.

Why should you listen to it?

Tableaux could be described best as an unorthodox mélange of psychedelia, Spaghetti Western soundtrack and krautrock with hints of jazz. The first section starts with an invigorating groove, recalling the late ARCTIC MONKEYS or even MANDO DIAO as a fiendish, husky voice greets the listener: ‘Hello stranger, hello friend / Would you care to shut the lights out / Have you ever felt the need / Need to get and gouge your eyes out?’ The track lives off a tension between the mysterious atmosphere brought about by the copious amount of texture applied and the driving rhythm section pushing the track forwards. It is in the second section that the track begins to open up significantly in terms of style, when a radical break brings out flourishing brass and woodwind arrangements reminiscent of Blackstar and a virtuoso surf-rock guitar improvisation.

What’s next?

Tableaux is taken from their debut album Strangle Risky // Fall Good which is to be released sometime this year.

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