Lilia – The Game - Video

We’ve all played it before and will play it again, the game that we used to hate. The game in question is called love and with The Game, Italian dreampop artist LILIA now presents a majestic song and beautifully shot video for what we talk about here. Song and video center around the various stages that a relationship can go through over the years and how people change during that process; how we change each other to the point, that we can’t even recall what we’ve been like and how we started out as a couple. Horrible vision you say? Pretty true and rewarding insight, we’d reply.

LILIA stems from Pescara, Italy and has self-released two EPs already. The Game now anticipates her first cryptically called full-length Clepsydra I which is due to be out this spring. With LILIA‘s hushed vocals, gentle electronica and a subtle build-up, the track really makes us curious for what will follow. While we’re waiting for more to come, we suggest you let yourself fall in the beautiful imagery of LILIA‘s new video, directed by Marco Antonecchia and exclusively premiering right here, right now on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Get ready for The Game.