Lilly Wolf - Moving Pictures
Attention world of pop music. LILLY WOLF is ready. Not only is she the one to make ‘diamonds out of blood’ (according to their new track Moving Pictures) but she’s also aiming for the world’s attention with her catchy high quality electropop sound. Moving Pictures sounds the lovechild of a less extroverted GRIMES tune and the grooving dreampop of PURITY RING. In the middle of it singer Lilly Wolfson provides an eclectic vocal work. Her musical partner, producer Alex Neuhausen (alias Dr. Nu), likes to stay in the shadows, LA ROUX-style, to give the extroverted singer the spotlight she deserves. Quite a working chemistry that goes hand in hand with solid material.

The duo from New York is one to look out for, that much is for sure. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to give you the exclusive premiere of Moving Pictures, the latest single by LILLY WOLF. Witness this smooth little piece of urban pop right here.