Line Bogh - 2016

As we’re approaching the weekend it’s time to give your Friday a lighter touch. To achieve that we got some help by up and coming Danish singer/songwriter LINE BØGH and her sweet new music video for Lily Avenue. The charismatic newcomer delivers a tender mixture of piano sounds, pop hooks and a certain poetry. There’s something floating in her music that is also transported via her new music video.

Directed and produced Sara Samsøe and Joao Bothello the clip sets LINE BØGH in a sunny beach setting but mainly focusses on a male protagonist who hangs out at a bar on the beach. Lily Avenue got a very easy going vibe, something that makes us desperately long for the summer. Her new LP Something else and somthing else and something else again is set for a release later in 2016. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the exclusive video premiere of Lily Avenue right here.