Lisa Alma - Photo by Erika Svensson

Photo by Erika Svensson

Danish musician LISA ALMA approaches pop with ambition: ‘When I’m motivated I can make things happen. And when it comes to my music I’m extremely motivated. I constantly want to develop my skills as a producer, songwriter and vocalist.’ The Copenhagen resident is already one album and an EP into her career (2013’s Lisa Alma and 2014’s Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers) and is currently prepping her new album Sweater. Ahead of that, we’re treated to Fine, her brand new single.

Fine is a perfect piece of cracked and twisted pop. The verses are a blurry mix of echo, restless electronic instrumentation and Alma’s slick vocal. Topping all that off is an absolute jam of a chorus, loaded with as much R&B groove as it can take. Fine feels like wide-open space music, like a song that would steadily swell and capture any room it was played in. LISA ALMA’s new album Sweater comes out on April 21st on Dumont Dumont Records.