Lola Marsh - 2016

We covered LOLA MARSH’s Sirens last spring, right before they were expected to release their debut EP. They pushed back the date a bit—to the end of this month—so here we are again, praising their newest single You’re Mine, which they accompanied with their first video.

Lead singer Yeal Shoshana Cohen and her partner Gil Landau bear the spectrum of human emotion in the video, bestowing it with a type of truthfulness. They move between frustration, playfulness, uncertainty, and utter desperation. Also, Cohen’s effortless dancing and untroubled spinning adds even more authenticity to the pair and causes a contagious desire to dance a bit yourself.

The track features COHEN’s stunning, distinctive voice over driving claps, percussion and Landa’s captivating guitar melodies. This track is a good omen for what’s to come in a few days when they put out their first full-length. The You’re Mine EP is set for a release this Friday on January 29. Watch the new clip below.