LONDON GRAMMAR 2013 - photo by Jem Goulding

Sound of the Day: LONDON GRAMMAR

Photo by Jem Goulding

Today’s “Sound of the Day” is a special one since it is not just a song by a band, it is a band itself: LONDON GRAMMAR. Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman formed LONDON GRAMMAR while attending university together. After spending most of 2012 in the studio working on their debut album, they revealed their first single, Hey Now on Soundcloud in December 2012. Hey Now has hit almost 370,000 plays to date, while total Soundcloud plays are now over 1.5 million. Probably one of the best songs that got released last year and definitely one of the most hyped bands since months.

LONDON GRAMMAR are clearly influenced by acts like MASSIVE ATTACK, BURIAL, PORTISHEAD, as well as several acts from the electronic music scene. But what the UK trio creates is not a copy of them, but something new. Something that has not been heard before. They set the spririt of our time to music.

LONDON GRAMMAR‘s debut EP Metal & Dust features four songs. Metal & Dust, Hey Now, Wasting My Young Years and a remix of their hit single Hey Now. Can there be any doubt that this band will make it to one of the biggest acts of our time? Surely not. They have everything that a band needs: a perfect line-up, the perfect production, the perfect spirit, the perfect music and last but not least LONDON GRAMMAR are at the right time at the right place. This is perfection, this is love. So spot on LONDON GRAMMAR, who are named today’s “Sound of the Day”.

London Grammar - Metal And Dust EP Cover

LONDON GRAMMAR – “Metal & Dust EP”


01. Metal & Dust
02. Hey Now
03. Wasting My Young Years
04. Hey Now (Dot Major Remix)

The Metal & Dust EP will be released in the USA on June 25th via Columbia Records.

Listen to the entire EP below.

Stream LONDON GRAMMAR‘s “Metal & Dust EP”

Watch LONDON GRAMMAR‘s “Wasting My Young Years” video