Lorde - Photo by James K Lowe

Photo by James K Lowe

It’s been a while since the last musical sign of life from New Zealand shootingstar LORDE. She’s not only turning 20 today but also gave an extended and quite emotional update on the status of her anticipated second studio album. And apparently the follow-up to 2013’s Pure Heroine is making progress. In a Facebook post she states:

‘Writing Pure Heroine was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record – well, this one is about what comes next.’

The last music we heard from LORDE was her 2014 Yellow Flicker Beat, a contribution to the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 soundtrack. Although the announcement might be close she recommends to not hold our breath as she writes: ‘You’ll have to hold on. The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon. I know you understand.’ We’ll keep you in the loop regarding any news.