Lucy Claire 2014

While too many people talk about the football world cup, drink too much alcohol and public places stream football matches while people yell like there’d be no tomorrow, we want you to calm down. We want you to escape from the madness. We want you to listen to good music. Music that isn’t about party, and also definitely not about football (you can hear that stuff pretty much everywhere anyway).

Just perfect that LUCY CLAIRE is about to release her wonderful new EP, Collaborations No.1, these days. The EP sees the young artist wrap her haunting, spectral sound around the work of two collaborators – ALEV LENZ and BRUISED SKIES, to create a truly heart-wrenching collection of music. Collaborations No.1 is an organic exploration into new territory, and one that never feels forced or put upon. A beautifully realised experiment, and one that cements LUCY CLAIRE as one of the UK’s finest modern classical composers. A must-listen for everyone who is into classical, ambient and/or experimental music. Stream the Collaborations, No.1 exclusively here on NBHAP: