luisa - never own - album cover 2015

LÙISA‘s new album ‘Never Own’ is out NOW via Nettwerk Music Group. The news come with a beautiful music video for the first single ‘Vision’. It’s filmed at a magic cave where LÙISA calls her fellow fairies with her sweet howl to sing them about her dream of a new life. The fairies of Nature come with gifts for the songstress and so her vision cannot but come to life. The end of the video comes with a new beginning. She starts (literally) fresh with a strong, proud posture and a sweet little smile gracing her face.

The genre that LÙISA identifies with is new folk. With her super dinstinctive voice and sweet pop melodies she manages to captivate you from the very first second. If you are fans of FLORENCE + THE MACHINE and/or of BEACH HOUSE it is more than sure that you’re going to love her.

Watch LÙISA‘s romantic music video Vision premiering exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.