Lùisa - Winterbird

Not long ago we brought you the premiere of LÙISA‘s video for Vision. One that already made clear that the NETTWERK signed singer’s ear for pop and her heart for folk melodies perfectly aligns with her visual ambitions. So, we’re more than proud to present you the new video of LÙISA today: It’s for the song Winterbird and here’s what she herself has to say about it:

While we are projecting strong images of ourselves onto the screens, we are actually so vulnerable. There is the outside world that pours in non-stop these days – and I believe it makes us lose our pure selves. But what beautiful person would you be if you did not have to adapt all the time? Sometimes we can feel it, that urban and yet rare intimacy of a moment: when you come home in the morning light, the city sleeps, and you realize how strange and beautiful this life is. That is the feeling I wrote about in Winterbird.

Winterbird, just like Vision is off of LÙISA‘s current record Never Own, out via Nettwerk. Enjoy the atmospheric clip right here.