Lunas - 2016

Following the release of his debut EP Dive in autumn last year, the Cologne-based newcomer now shares a slightly shortened edit of his first official single Mavericks. LUNAS is an electronic music project by the talented 20-year-old musician and producer Marvin Mauelshagen who wrote and produced most of his songs while spending a year abroad. ‘The majority of the songs was written in Sydney, Melbourne, and Indonesia in cafés, airplanes, or common rooms of hostels’, says Mauelshagen. Dive includes seven original tracks including the full version of Mavericks and Mind Off You which was already played on Australian radio. Mavericks is characteristic for the EP’s exploration of a dreamy, electronic sound that results in detailed pop songs with catchy melodies you can either relax or dance to. The theme of travelling is clearly to be found in the soundscape of LUNAS’ work that reminds us of other great artists in that field like TYCHO and TEEN DAZE.

Some of LUNAS’ next plans include writing new songs and performing Dive live in front of an audience. However, he won’t be doing this by only using a laptop and a MIDI controller: ‘I want to perform my songs with a band. Guitar, bass, sample pads and synthesisers will all be involved in my live set’, he explains. Therefore, LUNAS plans how to perform electronic music live on stage is in line with the concept of other Cologne-based electronic music bands such as ROOSEVELT or COMA. The entire Dive EP and more material can be heard and downloaded via his Soundcloud and Bandcamp accounts. You can also get a physical copy of the EP by sending him a message via Facebook. This might be the beginning of something truly terrific, so please listen to Mavericks right here to get excited.