M185 - press photo - 2014

This is not M83, it’s M185. Hypnotic music from Austria that will make your day. Soon is named Sound of the Day since it is a wonderful indie rock song that perfectly fits to a sunny spring day like today. Furthermore you can grab a 3d print action figure (sersiously) and a free download of Soon on the band’s homepage. Soon is taken from the album Everything Is Up which will be released in May via Siluh Records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In October the album will be available worldwide. Make sure to check out this musical diamond called M185.

25.04.2014 AT – Neusserling, Noppen Air Musikfestival
26.04.2014 AT – Salzburg, Rockhouse Salzburg
16.05.2014 DE – Berlin, Rosis Berlin
17.05.2014 DE – Hildesheim, Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim
18.05.2014 DE – Kassel, Unten
21.05.2014 AT – Vienna, FLEX (Album Release)
06.06.2014 AT – Mödling, Red Box
07.06.2014 AT – Kleinreifling, Seewiesenfest #20
12.06.2014 DE – Munich, tba
13.06.2014 DE – Offenbach, Hafen 2
14.06.2014 DE – Giessen, MuK Giessen
28.06.2014 AT – Vienna, Donauinselfest