Machine Est Mon Coeur

MACHINE EST MON COEUR are a duo comprised of Australian Bianca Calandra (vocals/guitars) and Frenchman Gabin Lopez (synths/piano). They formed in 2007 and now they’re gearing up to release their first full length LP, beginning with the first track Beam Of Fire.

Beam of Fire is a dense, carefully crafted piece of art rock. Synths wash gently over the track and combine with fragile, cooing vocals. The track has a ghostly feel, a sense of impermanence. Even after repeated plays it still doesn’t really lose any of its mystique. It’s accompanied by a stunning, evocative black and white video directed by Calandra, who produces all the band’s visuals and aesthetics, and it really adds to the track’s menacing overtones. Beam of Fire is taken from the album Dystopium, which will be released on February 13th on Berlin label Blank Records.