Manor - ArchitectureWith a slowdown TEMPER TRAP-like beat and bittersweet melancholy, it almost feels like being carried away. Carried past the numerous LEDs of the metropolis in the late night hours. As if an all-seeing creature as the sole existence on earth takes the pulse of the night. The darkness and its vibrant life – the mixture of joy and sadness over losing, but still knowing you get a second chance. Everything told by Caitlyn Duff’s tranquil voice. Here is the third single Architecture from the highly talented Australian duo MANOR.

With their dreamy music and vocals they achieve something special, which earlier on their countrymen from TEMPER TRAP managed to achieve. You can try to hold on to the edge of the table, but as soon as you put on your headphones close, you begin to ease up. Somewhere up there in the higher altitudes must be a place called MANOR, cause they draws you against something – something unknown but extremely exciting. Perhaps due to the excitement surrounding their future album, which is hidden out on the horizon.

With their dreamy melancholic sounds, the duo speaks directly to the warmest place in your heart, that’s exactly what you need deep inside the dark of night, almost like creating a kaleidoscope behind your eyelids. Luckily, this is their last stand-alone release before that of their debut EP later on. From Melbourne, Australia, here is NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s Sound Of The Night.

Article by Steffen Paust