Mantocliff - Umbilical - Artwork

One of the many benefits from the technological evolution is the fact that high quality music videos are currently celebrating a comeback on every level. And we’re not only talking ’bout DRAKE and BEYONCÉ here – even a smaller budget can result in stunning images and beautiful ideas if you give the artists a certain amount of creative freedom. MANTOCLIFF‘s new music video These Words is the best example for that and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the exclusive world premiere of it.

The mysterious Switzerland-based band is about to release its new debut full-length Umbilical on March the 4th and judging from the single we can expect a wild range of influences that like to expand familiar boundaries of pop. It’s that sort of experimental pop that doesn’t tend to annoy you in the first place. Singer Nives Onori remains the key figure in this really interesting game and the new MANTOCLIFF clip is packed with the same amount of ideas as the song itself. Witness both right here.