Marika HackmanHampshire-born singer-songwriter MARIKA HACKMAN entered the English music scene two years ago. She could prove herself pretty fast by writing lyrics that don’t show that she is just in her early 20s. Besides she is playing all the instruments on her records by herself, including the sitar, the piano and guitars.

Maybe it’s the fact that HACKMAN used to be a model and therefore had to face a world that notices and criticizes every little flaw, that gave her a certain maturity and independence. Her folk-inspired songs on the last EPs That Iron Taste and Sugar Blind and the new track Deep Green bear a kind of sceptical yet honest loner-attitude coupled with a velvet voice that settles in your head once you’ve heard it. The song can be found on HACKMAN‘s new EP Deaf Heat that will be released on April 14th. Listen to it below.