Marika Hackman

It’s inevitable: Christmas is coming our way. And so is the time of carols. Some of them we enjoy to hear on a yearly basis, others tend to destroy any little spark of excitement by flooding our neurons with candy. A good way out of the black/white-scheme is to listen to the equally unavoidable reworks that artists do for their favourite christmas tunes. And with MARIKA HACKMAN‘s version of O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel we now have an example how that’s done in a distinctive manner.

It’s pretty sure by now that we’ll have to keep our ears open for the music of MARIKA HACKMAN in the next year, especially as her first full-length We Slept At Last is due to be released in February. Be it on stage as a support for THE ANTLERS, with her latest single Drown or this special version of O’ Come, O’ Come, Emmanuel: HACKMAN ceases to fail. With her sometimes somber tone she definitely knows how to wrap things up a bit differently and turned this solemn tune into a slightly stark but soft and gentle lullaby. Nothing left to say but: Rejoice, fellow readers!