Marnie Stern - Chronicles Of Marnia - Album Cover

Indie guitar heroine MARNIE STERN released her fourth album titled The Chronicles of Marnia. Well known for her outstanding finger-tapping style of guitar play, for her new album the US-American art and math-rock musician has not only worked with a new drummer, but also evolved a new sound.

About the work on the new album she said: “I always gravitate towards interweaving and a more abrasive sound. I was working with Nicholas Vernhes from Rare Book Room Recording in Brooklyn, and he was the producer. He wanted my voice clearer and fewer guitar parts. I tried it because I wanted to try something different.” And with a laugh she adds: “I’m sure if I went from the first album to this one, I’d have a heart attack. Luckily it’s been gradual enough for me to enjoy the changes”. Her fans will enjoy the album for sure, too.

Listen to the new album right here: