Photo by Bernie Dechant

Photo by Bernie Dechant

Tomorrow sees the release of You Know Who You Are, the new album by American indie rock institution NADA SURF, today they share a new music video from it. The joyful Rushing follows the previously released songs Cold To See Clear and Believe You’re Mine and was shot in Paris. It features singer Matthew Caws as well as actors Sarah and Emilie Barbault. Caws explains the concept in the following statement:

i’ve known sarah and emilie barbault for a long time. i did the music for two short films of theirs, a day of lucidity and pleurer des larmes d’enfance. they shot the video for the minor alps song ‘waiting for you.’ we’d wanted to make another video together for a long time. the song is about the transporting feeling of new love. i wrote it with dan wilson. we were writing together to see what it would be like, not for nada surf necessarily. it was a really wonderful experience. he has such a great musical and lyrical mind. i was originally hoping that this song would be sung by a woman because while there is (more and more) pressure on men to be attractive, there is still clearly more on women, and this song touches on body-consciousness in the chorus, how the right person can make you forget issues of appearance, and more holistically can pull your mind up out of your body and into a plane of one-ness, of spirit. there’s a line about watching the human river go by, when you’re not participating or can’t find your way in.

we had a great day taking the subway all over paris and shooting wherever felt good. it was fun to play for the commuters but i’m sure they were wondering why i wasn’t singing a famous song.

You can enjoy the Rushing clip in all of its beauty right here.