Maximo Park - 2014 - Photo by Steve Gullick

Photo by Steve Gullick

Newcastle-based indie rock institution MAXIMO PARK reports back with a new single. Midnight on the Hill clearly marks one of the highlights from this year’s album Too Much Information. Recently the band around charismatic singer Paul Smith already shared a tender music video for the track with us. Now comes a brand new remix for the song.

Indietronic formation VESSELS from Leeds gave the rocking original a psychedelic electronic twist. The result is a hypnotic piece of floating electronica that definitely gives the music of MAXIMO PARK a fresh perspective. Nothing completely surprising since the latest album already showed the group’s love for electronic experiments as they also told us back then. The single will be released on May the 12th. And today NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION brings you the premiere of this little piece of electronic pleasure. Enjoy it right here.